East Village Inky #69

East Village Inky #69

by Ayun Halliday Author

Chief Primatologist (and  sole employee) Ayun Halliday brings her hilarious anti-fashion sensibilities to The East Village Inky’s first (and last!) Fashion Issue.

Like Vogue but proletariat, all inclusive, and non-judgmental, with a strong predilection for anything secondhand, homemade, and/or cheap-but-not-fast. Forget trends. Wouldn’t you rather read about Seventeen models of the 70s and learning to sew jumpsuits with a side order of labor history?

40 fun-filled, handwritten and illustrated pages jammed with personal history, interviews, hilarious tangents, mini-deep dives into cottage core, punk t-shirts, and Victorian hacks , the Inky’s handy pocket-sized format makes for unparalleled reading for toilet, subway, long-distance buses in foreign lands, zombie invasions, and nursing in public places.

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