Jim Jones with sunglasses peers from behind an illuminati symbol in a lightbulb

CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #9: Intro to the Jonestown Massacre Conspiracies 1978

by Joseph E. Green Author

“Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!” Most people have heard the phrase, but like so many famous phrases, its origin is a lie. Did Jim Jones lead a cult which killed themselves at his command, or was that story concocted to cover up something more sinister? One fact to consider is that the local coroner reported that the people of Jonestown were murdered, although this was ignored by the American press for unknown reasons. Another fact is that the guy who bought the land for Jonestown was a CIA operative. Also, Jim’s best friend from childhood was a CIA torturer. And the “cult” consisted largely of kidnapped slave labor—mostly Black women. And yet this still barely scratches the surface of a conspiracy that provides a roadmap of how special operations are executed.