a collage of images, including the pyramid with an eye on the top, people on a street, people in what appears to be a hotel room

CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #8: Intro to The MLK and RFK Assassination Conspiracies: 1968

by Joseph E. Green Author

It may sound far-fetched, but both the MLK and RFK assassinations were also conspiracies and the evidence is frankly obvious. It sounds less crazy when the murders, which happened within a two month period in 1968, are placed in an historical context that includes COINTELPRO and Operation CHAOS. The FBI and CIA were knee-deep in a war against the American people, which included inprisoning and/or killing dozens of Black Panthers, Malcolm X, and other activists. Fortunately everything is all better now and those agencies are under control and serve the American people with justice and equanimity, so we can safely read this zine for purely historical interest.