Cover of Intro to The MLK and RFK Assassination Conspiracies: 1968, a purple and black cover with a collage of images, including the pyramid with an eye on the top, people on a street, people in what appears to be a hotel room

CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #8: Intro to The MLK and RFK Assassination Conspiracies: 1968

by Joseph E. Green

While you might not think much about the conspiracies surrounding both MLK and RFK's assassinations, there will always be some details that don't add up. I mean, haven't you ever debated with someone whether or not some football player really fumbled or swore someone was in a movie when they really weren't? Joseph Green digs deep and brings up some interesting facts and accounts that make you raise an eyebrow or two. Whether or not you believe the stories are up to you, but they sure are entertaining and will make you feel like a bit of a detective, sifting through the clues, searching for the truth.