Monthly Archives: September 2003

Xtra Tuf #5 Book

AVAILABLE NOW!! Moe Bowstern has brought us the inside story about being a woman who fishes commercially for years. If that doesn’t seem fascinating to you, you have another thing coming. Moe is an amazing storyteller and reveals much about the history of commercial fishing in Alaska through a very descriptive and personable narrative that can be understood by any layperson. She tells great stories of the crews she’s been involved with and their dynamics as well being a woman involved in a very male dominated profession. Moe has a passion for fishing and the sea and she shares this with you in her zine. This is her story of being on the job and “how she got xtra tuf” on a few different episodes of labor disagreements that held up work (technically not “strikes”) over many years. Fascinating reading as she combines her artistic and DIY sensibilities with labor tactics in order to achieve the fishermen’s goals and get everyone back to work! The book sports a fancy letter pressed cover by Third Termite Press with 30 different colors schemes! Check out the June issue of Smithsonian Magazine for an article about Moe and the Fisher Poets!. Read the press sheet.