Secret Files of Captain Sissy #5

* OUT NOW!! * Andy Cornell’s new issue is still building upon and critiquing the punk and activist communities in a very necessary way. This issue tackles relevant issues through his own stories including skateboarding injuries from not wearing a helmet, student racial and anti-sweatshop activism, working for the Steelworkers Union, a couple weeks on the road with Mobilivre Bookmobile, thoughts on freedom fries and the PATRIOT act, book reviews of radical autobiographies, and my favorite article of all, a crazed account of the west Philadelphia co-op strike of 2002 where disagreements over one staff person’s position and reluctance to work with the group lead to shutting down the co-op, macho intimidation, and putting a pallet of food on the trolley tracks! The tales of working in the steel union were equally fascinating as it challenges punk activism up a notch and tells stories of a queer man working in an industry where many of us do not get an inside look. A fascinating document of his last few years.