new! – DORIS #23!

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Cindy Crabb’s zine is simply one of the best personal zines, complete with little scribbly cartoons and a subtle idealogical base worked in for good measure. It is really worth all of the hype and more. This is the L-M-N-O issue of the alphabet series. It discusses love, the ladies group she attends with her grandmother, the process of menstrual extraction (a process developed in 1970 for women to take control of their bodies from home before abortion was legal), stories of living with her grandparents in Arizona, and a frightening trip that brought her and a friend to the California beaches where they got water logged in their tent and had to make an emergency evacuation. The beauty of the zine is how she slips in the simplest sentence in the middle of a story that connects her reading a book as a 16 year old to cultural appropriation or talks about her grandmother using the same inflection as her deceased mother and you can smile with her or shed a single tear because you understand and you can tell that she understands you too.