Sounds of Your Name

OUT NOW!!! Nate Powell’s (Soophie Nun Squad, Boomfancy, Tiny Giants, It Disappears, Walkie Talkie, Conditions, Wonderful Broken Thing, Schwa Sound, Playground Messiah) intricate black & white art focuses on the terrors and pleasures of growing up. Poignantly plumbing the existential angst of youth, he invokes great coming-of-age novels with only a few dozen words. This book collects his self published zines and comics dating back to 1992, his first two graphic novels (Tiny Giants and It Disappears), and new work. These stories build vignette by vignette into a rich tableau of lofty dreams and Deep South disappointment, car crashes and love letters, first kisses and four-tracks. Powell’s work is a reminder of the persistence of wonder against all odds.
This book is printed imperfectly so it’s $8 instead of $18 with a coupon for a correct copy for an additional $10. We have scanned a few pages from both the originals and misprinted book, so you can see for yourself.
Page 151: OriginalMisprint ~ Page 173: OriginalMisprint ~ Page 188: OriginalMisprint