Monthly Archives: October 2006

Please Don’t Feed the Bears

OUT NOW!!! – Absjorn has collected hundreds of recipes into this new anthology book of his and his friends’ favorites! In the vein of the classic Soy Not Oi cookbook, Please Don’t Feed The Bears compiles three issues of the previously self-published vegan cook zine with a range of tasty and simple animal-free dishes. Here you’ll find incredible recipes for stews, soups, sauces, noodle & bean dishes, baked entrees, deserts and more! There is also a fair smattering of new material bringing this to a whopping 160 pages of deliciousness! In the spirit of Soy Not Oi, these recipes are written to be simple, straightforward, and perfect for the newest convert to the vegan revolution! But far from bring just a vegan cookbook, Please Don’t Feed The Bears reads as a look into vegan lifestyle and underground culture. The book is thoroughly illustrated with eye-catching drawings and clearly laid-out graphics. In addition, the book also includes assorted rantings about music and the politics of leading a vegan lifestyle. Together the book provides easy-to-make and delectable recipies while reflecting the DIY punk rock sensibility of zine culture.

The Greasetruck Housecube Ritz Carlton!

We are the proud new owners of our very own cubetruck-converted-to-RV that runs on second hand vegetable oil. You just have to warm up the engine sufficiently and then switch over to grease. It’s much less polluting and fuel is free when you score some old veggie oil from restaurant grease traps. We’ll have more space for carrying around zines, books, t-shirts, and stickers on tour than ever with our own bed in the back! Come and say hello when we swing into a town near you! Thanks to Gabby and the folks in White River Junction Vermont at The Center for Cartoon Studies!