Monthly Archives: December 2006

Cantankerous Titles DVD, Vol 1 – OUT NOW!

A new replicated DVD collection of short documentaries by Joe Biel about bikes, trains, dogs, patches, and the board game RISK. 94 minutes of movies and 22 minutes of bonus materials. “Martinis in the Bike Lane” (11 min) is about the history of the decorated and unique bike lane markings in Portland, OR. “Last Train out of North America” (19 min) discusses the lack of priority and funding towards passenger rail service in North America. “Central Kansas – Canvas Central” (11 min) is a mockumentary about the obsessive nature of people with patches as a kind of media. “Of Dice and Men” (39 min) chronicles players of the board game RISK and their obsessive behaviors. The game affects their personalities, turning anarchists and relaxed folks into conniving, manipulative, and calculated imperialists. “Cowboy Hat & A Cane” (11 min) is about America’s most loved dog – Coda Bowles and her relationship with her people. ISBN 978-0-9788665-0-1