Monthly Archives: January 2007

Super Discount Cheap-o Pack

A combo pack of super-discounted books! “Controlled Flight into Terrain” by John Yates, “Serpents in the Garden” and “Politics of Anti-Semitism” by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, “Pie Any Means Necessary” by Biotic Baking Brigade, “Siege of Gresham” by Ray Murphy, and “Dear President Bush” by Cindy Sheehan. A pile of great books at a super sweet deal! Practically a penny a page!


SECOND EDITION!! The follow up to Green Zine #14; Cristy Road offers an illustrated novel about her years in school in Miami – valiantly trying to figure out and defend her gender identity, cultural roots, punk rock nature, and mortality. You know that the artwork in here makes this a page turner and the new edition is rewritten – so the whole package is more exciting. Cristy has always existed to remind us of the strength and ability of punk youth – for addressing things like rape, homophobia, and mysogyny. This is no exception; giving voice to every frustrated 15 year old girl under fire from her peers for being queer or butch or punk. ISBN 0-9770557-7-9