Monthly Archives: April 2007

$20 Gift Cheque!

We re-designed the gift cheque to be more exciting and gift-like. Don’t know what to order, but know your friend might like something we distro? Get ’em a gift cheque, good for anything in our catalog!

Perfect Mix Tape Segue #4, 3, and 2!

Three years after the fact Joe busts out a zine tour based zine about “Cocoon: The Road Trip” from 2004. A collection of hand drawn maps, photos by Dave Roche, and travelling anecdotes from the road, the zine presents a pretty strong case for the idea that zine making and zine tours really are not that hard to put together and can be kind of cool sometimes. Look at all of the great, zany experiences that you, yourself could experience on the road! More than that it’s a look at friendship and the motivators and hard times that one experiences by pushing yourself into more trying and difficult situations. #2 and #3 have also been reprinted for your existential enjoyment!

Coffeeshop Crushes

You ask for it, we re-publish it! This is Nicole Georges & Jon Van Oast’s compilation zine all about….you guessed it, coffeeshop crushes! Submissions from Nicole (Invincible Summer), Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), Shawn Granton (10′ Rule), Joe Biel, James Squeaky (Sincere Brutality), Lizz Zitron, Greig (Clutch), Aaron Renier (Spiral Bound), “Rainman”, Nate Beaty (Brainfag), Brad Adkins (Charm Bracelet), as well as MANY anonymous pieces (go figure!). About half of this zine is comics and the other half is short stories. The most entertaining parts to me were the articles on the sexual nature of a few coffeeshops’ webpages and a comic about a boy who worked in a coffee shop and his story that suddenly jumps into graphic sexual drawings and depictions. You already know you want this. Do yourself the favor.