Monthly Archives: June 2007

Homeland Insecurity (DVD)

HERE NOW! Dreamwhip’s Bill Brown returns with 3 new films! The Other Side explores US/Mexico immigration issues and activist groups that supply water and rides to people crossing the border – who are stranded or lost in the desert. At a time when border politics and immigration are all over the news, it’s great to get an independent, emotional, and real piece of film about what is going on. Bill is more like a silent observer showing us what he sees and narrates in a manner that is informative without being totally detached. “Hub City” is a short about Lubbock, TX – the home of Buddy Holly and trajectories of death and small towns. AA Trailer is a goofy short about the joy of film making for The Ann Arbor Film Festival. Shot beautifully on real film, these experimental documentaries represent a hometown of past, present, or future.

Snakepit 2: My Life in a Jugular Vein!

OUT NOW! Collects years 4-6 of Snakepit; the 3 panel daily autobiographical comic by Ben Snakepit. A partying, record store clerk, rock and roller, and big sweet softy, Ben tours the world with his band, J CHURCH, drinks like a fish, goes to parties, and gets his heart broken over and over when he’s not breaking hearts. The more you read, the more addictive it gets. Includes a compilation CD of Ben’s daily listening!

Zinester’s Guide to Portland 4.5 Ed

A *NEW*, reprinted 4.5 edition! Shawn Granton (Ten Foot Rule) and Nate Beaty (Brainfag Comics) edited a really comprehensive guide of things to do in Portland, OR. Features tons of information on the cheap or free tip for various neighborhoods, bridges, eateries, hangouts, bars, places that sell zines, and how to navigate through Portland. A crucial resource for those visiting the city or those that have lived here for years. Also includes great line drawings by Chris Larson, Tim Root, Dylan Williams, Chris Cilla, Carolyn Main, Malady, Khris Soden, and more!