Monthly Archives: July 2007

Constant Rider Omnibus (2nd Ed.)!

OUT NOW!! For you reading and riding pleasure, we bring you an anthology of the Constant Rider issues #1-7! Mass transit maven Kate Lopresti spins stories of fights, intoxicated passengers, fellow travelers’ reading choices, and even impromptu bus stop singers. Detailing countless years of riding buses, trains, and planes, these pages will leave you engaged and charmed. The cover is a beautiful 2 color illustration from Kalah Allen. Featuring 64 new, additional pages! ISBN 978-0-9788665-9-4

My Brain Hurts #1-5! (the book)!

OUT NOW!! A group of teenage queer punks get in perpetual trouble with the police when they aren’t flirting over loud music or postering their high school with flyers to allow same sex couples at prom. It’s like they were your actual high school peers – pissing off the administration and taking care of each other when they get beat up by skinheads. Liz Baillie has a real talent for dialogue, characters, storytelling, and capturing New York – especially those moments that we all live, awkwardly making out, pulling pranks, and drinking beer. This graphic novel collects the first five (out of 10) issues of the comic My Brain Hurts. Listen to a 90 min podcast interview with Liz about all things comical! ISBN 978-1-934620-03-8