Monthly Archives: February 2008

Still We Ride (DVD) – NEW VERSION!

OUT NOW! A new version of this awesome documentary about Critical Mass bike rides after the Republican National Convention crackdowns in New York! DVD includes a new Fly comic zine about Times Up! and 6 new bonus shorts including “Dooring PSA”, “Gears for Fears”, “Hit a Frog”, “Congestion Pricing”, “Unconventional Critical Mass”, Chris Carlson Interview, and “Memorial Ride”.

Indestructible – 2nd Edition!

OUT NOW! A new edition of Cristy Road’s coming-of-age novel “Indestructible” – this time without the typos! Yay!

Bamboozled: The Joey Torrey Story

OUT NOW! In 1979 a strong Los Angeles kid boxer was headed to the Olympics, now he’s in Maximum Security Prison – Joey Torrey was pressured to collaborate with the FBI to “clean up boxing” and paid back with empty promises and a forseeable future in prison – or murdered for being a snitch! Joey discovered zines in prison and decided that this was how he wanted to publish his memoir – and boy does he have stories to tell! He grew up on the streets of Compton where he learned to box. Now he lives in the pen between Sirhan Sirhan and Charles Manson (whom he answers mail for). Told in his own words to the few people that he trusted, his story is finally broadcast.

Making Stuff and Doing Things: DIY Guides to Doing Just About Everything! 3RD EDITION!!

The freshly reprinted THIRD edition of Kyle Bravo’s collection of how-to articles!
A combination Boy Scout manual and anarchists’ bible, Making Stuff and Doing Things is filled to the gills with instructions on DIY education, self-publishing, entertainment, arts & crafts, creative troublemaking, outdoor survival and health & body care. Features rewritten entries and numerous corrections!

Microcosm History Zine!

New Edition!! The history of twelve years of Microcosm Publishing, told in graphic detail! For the first time ever, read about how we got to where we are today through working long hours at low (or no) pay! Join us on our journey through starting out in a bedroom, putting out records, growing, moving to Portland, publishing books, growing, moving into an office in Liberty Hall, amassing more zines than anyone could ever konw what to do with, and more. A fun foray into getting inspiration and perspective for making your own projects. Entries by Joe Biel, Alex Wrekk, Franco Ortega, Marc Moscato, Siue Moffat, Peter Aaron “Thug” Green, and more. Cover by Alan Lastufka.