Monthly Archives: March 2008

X Ray Visions (DVD) – NEW EDITION!

OUT NOW! An in-depth account of one of the most important cultural epicenters in Portland’s history, “X-Ray Visions” tells the story of the X-Ray Cafe, an ABC NO RIO/924 Gilman-esque “Nightclub” that hosted bands like Green Day, Crash Worship, Nation of Ulysses, Neurosis, Everclear, and virtually every touring act from ’89-’94. Did you ever wonder how Portland appeared on the map as THE epicenter for weird, alternative arts and culture? It was because of the X-Ray – an entirely unique all-ages venue with a true “anything goes” aesthetic–a punk band, a circus act, toddlers banging on things, language classes, 25 cent advice, and spanking evangelist might all appear on a single bill – and its presence in Old Town in the early 90’s put Portland on the map as a radical, rock and roll kind of town. Comes with a bonus CD soundtrack of former X-Ray regular acts, including Hazel, Dead Moon, Big Daddy Meat Straw, New Bad Things, Unwound, Crackerbash, Frances Farmer Gals, and more! Tightened up editing with a new cover by Sean Tejeratchi (Craphound!)

The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #5!

OUT NOW! The latest installment of this pseudo-anonymously penned, informational zine discusses at length the details of Iran/Contra. In 1986 the President was at the helm – secretly selling weapons to our enemies in Iran and then illegally using the profits to fund the anti-Sandinista rebel Contras, in Nicaragua. Relive the excitement – the cake in the shape of a key, world leaders lying through their teeth, and everyone denying responsibility and knowledge that it was even going on in the first place!