Monthly Archives: April 2008

Dwelling Portably 1980-89

OUT NOW! These little suckers have been crammed full of information about living without a permanent residence for nearly 30 years! Super helpful and informative tips for biking, tents, showering, cooking, and living. Written by many folks who have lived the lifestyle far outside of cities and bereft of technology. According to many readers, ’80-86 was their best material and here it is reprinted again in entirity (sans things that have become obsolete).

Welcome to the Dahl House

OUT NOW! The collected 1997-2007 comics of Ken Dahl in this graphic novel anthology! Includes all of his minis, short stories, anthology works, and unpublished work including such titles as “Taken For a Ride”, “Gordon Smalls Goes to Jail”, “No!”, and “Blind Fart”! 2006 Ignatz Winner!

Invincible Summer, Volume II

OUT NOW! After years of over-caffeination and restless free time, acclaimed artist and writer Nicole J Georges has amassed hundreds of pages of autobiographic comics, lush illustrations of doggies and elephants, and confessional diary entries in her zine Invincible Summer. This volume presents the next four years in the continuing adventures of our intrepid hero and her tumultuous, yet always entertaining, life.