Monthly Archives: June 2008

On Subbing, Third Edition!

Dave Roche has been camping out in Kansas City and tagged a new epilogue onto the 3rd edition of his daily account of working as an education assistant in Portland public schools. Plus tons of corrected errors, updated content, new jokes, and now BLUE! Check out Dave’s midwest tour in July!

Snakepit 2007

OUT NOW! Follow Ben through his daily life illustrated as 3 comic panel adventures involving beer, weed, work, shows, tour, love, and parties filled with monsters. His drawing and writing style is sincere and heartfelt and you can imagine and feel his highs and lows. Each day is illustrated along with what he was listening to while drawing the frame. The quarterly and bi-monthly formats are no more, and now each year will be collected in a single slim paperback, just like in the beginning.