Monthly Archives: August 2008

Make a Zine!

New Edition for 2008! OUT NOW! Ask anyone who works for a magazine — it’s a job. Ask anyone who works on their zine — it’s a passion. And this book is a starting point for launching your own zine. A virtually endless supply of hints makes this an indespensible guide and the appendices add extensive directories of stores, libraries, reviewers, and zine distributors.

Notes from Underground

OUT NOW! New Edition for 2008! Much history and theory is uncovered here in the first comprehensive study of zine publishing. From their origins in early 20th century science fiction cults, their more proximate roots in ‘60s counter-culture and their rapid proliferation in the wake of punk rock, Stephen Duncombe pays full due to the political importance of zines as a vital network of popular culture. He also analyzes how zines measure up to their utopian and escapist outlook in achieving fundamental social change. Packed with extracts and illustrations, he provides a useful overview of the contemporary underground in all its splendor and misery.