Monthly Archives: January 2009

The Dirty South/Hot Damn & Hell Yeah

OUT NOW!! The third edition of two great vegan cookbooks combined: Vanessa Johnson’s southern vegan stylings and Ryan Splint’s southwestern ones! Includes new illustrations, new design, new cover, and most importantly a new recipe – for crazy hippie spring rolls!

Grease/SVO-powered RV Cube Truck. $3,000!

1989 Isuzu NPR Boxtruck with 304,000 miles—$3,000. 4 cylinder engine converted to run on Diesel or Waste Vegetable Oil (svo/wvo/Biodiesel). Automatic Transmission. Box has been fully converted to liveable rv space with windows, shower, two beds, kitchen, table, storage, and sink. Was home to several different people before being used for a touring vehicle. We are selling because we simply do not use it enough.

Ideal for delivery vehicle, rv, home residence, or touring vehicle. In the last two years we have replaced: starter, alternator, batteries, tires, transmission, accelerator cable, fuel filtration systems, hoses, wiper motors, and just about everything but the brakes and engine. We have added two new heating systems to the svo fuel fuel line, fuel gauages for both tanks, and so much more. We’ve maintained things as needed and it’s really just a shame that it makes more sense to let it go. We’ve invested over seven times the asking price!