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Doris: An Anthology 1991-2001

New edition out now! Cindy writes her zine, DORIS, like she is figuring out the human condition. She makes writing about the simplest and most common things – playing music, childhood, cooking, or sex, resonate with universal understanding. She helps us make sense of more complex things like the satisfaction from doing useful work, natural curiosity, the ability to use logic, gender dynamics, introspection, the need for challenge and change, combating depression, and creating art and literature. She shares and explores the emotions that go along with having an abortion, rape, dealing with the death of family, or sexual harassment in a context that is enlightening and personal, feeling like a close friend opening up to you. What’s most impressive though is that she relates these things into every article in her zine seamlessly.

Snakepit 2008

OUT NOW! “Snakepit is the visual embodiment of DIY punk as it unfolds in its three panels, a day at a time. Much like life itself, on the surface-and to the casual observer-none of this may look like much. Ben sits around, eats buffets, gets high, plays in bands, and works at a video store. Each of Ben’s days has an accompanying soundtrack song. Music’s definitely important to Ben, but the true driving force is the people he meets; what beats in his friends’ hearts, and not merely what’s on their t-shirts. Pushing around all the edges, like pieces of paper cut out and carefully rubber cemented into place, are real snapshots of life-as-its-happening. And when the watershed days do come – Ben finds long-term love this year – they resonate even deeper.” – Todd Taylor, Razorcake