Monthly Archives: May 2009

Best of Intentions

Second edition out now! This 288 page tome collects the entirety of Avow zine issues #11 through 16 and selected entries from the first ten issues as well. Avow is a collection of artwork and stories with a few nods graphically to Aaron Cometbus and a lot of original ink drawings. He has done unique artwork for Glass & Ashes, The T4 Project, Submission Hold, Against Me!, New Bruises, Razorcake, and plenty more. His stories cut into the darker side of life growing up in a small coastal fishing town and the mischief that ensues. He is reminisces about the days when demo tapes were commonplace and CD-Rs were non-existent, puts a good spin on his tales of figuring out how to obtain his next meal, and learns a lot from society, the hardcore community, and college that he employs into the analysis in his writing. While relentlessly self deprecating, Keith is a great storyteller and does a good job of deeply probing his brain to share these stories.