Calls for Submissions: Queer Zines

out of the closets!Future Fuck All

“Hello friends, I am putting out a call for writing, art, comics, photographs, on the practicial and philosophical aspects of gender, sexuality, bodies, and queerness.  Personal experiences (good, bad, and other), philosophies, rants, funny stories, observations, interviews, dreams of the future.  Ultimately, I want to put a zine out that is a positive fuck yeah for queernessi, transgenderisms, bodies, sexualityies, and ultra wave inclusive feminism.  A recognition that all oppressions are interconnected, and the time is now to share our stories and deconstruct the dead ends.  

Years ago I did four issues of a crudely similar zine call “Girl-Boy” with a co-editor.  It was a fun and enlightening exploration, I want to do it again, this time with everybody!

After the submissions have been picked and assembled I will submit the final zine to an awesome independent publisher.  I might also put it on a blog thing for he world to share.  If you want to specify rights reserved in your works, write that on the work, or let me know in some way.  This is not a profit venture, it is to share experience and open minds, our own, and anyone that reads.  

If you have suggestions for a title, please send them in!  My original brainstorm title idea “Beyond Girl-Boy” seems entirely cheesy.  My new working title is” “Future Fuck All.”  

Deadline is November 1, 2009.

Drop me a note if you have questions.”  – Robert, robotearl(at) 

Nowhere 2 Be Found Magazine

is a fanzine that focuses on diverse views & culture from a queer perspective. We’re looking for gear heads, geeks, dorks, sci-fi/horror fans, punks, metalheads, those dealing with health, mental health, & substance abuse, doing project…to tell their stories, share their art, poetry, fiction/non-fiction, advice, how to, sites, project, events, etc. Send all submissions to nowheretwobefound(at) You can find more info on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.