Interview with Henry and Glenn Forever’s Tom Neely about HIS NEW BOOK!

Last week we chatted up Henry and Glenn Forever‘s Tom Neely about his awesome new book, The Wolf! Here are the results! The book is somethin’ special, so make sure to check out those awesome illustrations at the end!

Q: For people who haven’t gotten a chance to check out the new book, tell ’em a bit about what they can expect…

A: I’m never very good at describing my art, but here goes: It’s a surrealistic story told through a narrative series of paintings that pull you through a psychedelic nightmare of werewolves and skeletons and forests and sex and… it’s also a love story.

Q: This book is vastly different from Henry and Glenn Forever, do you think the people you liked HG will be into it?

A: Some of them might. I don’t expect everyone to like everything I do. It’s about as different from Henry and Glenn as you can get, but it would be cool if some of the people who love Henry and Glenn would give The Wolf and some of my other art a chance. The art-comix fans and the metal-heads who read my stuff seem to be latching onto it. It’s more of a serious, arty, poetic piece, whereas Henry and Glenn Forever is just random and funny, but if you like werewolves and sex and scary skeletons and symbolism and surreal art, then you might be into it.

Q: You’ve been working on The Wolf for three years. How did it originally come about?

A: It started as a series of semi-pornographic werewolf paintings I did for a solo gallery show back in 2007.  From there, the ideas for the characters and story kept evolving over time. This book took longer than my others because the process was more improvisational and always in flux. Ideas were always changing and taking me in new directions.  I wanted the whole book to evolve as I went along. I didn’t know if it would ever end, but it finally finished itself. 

Q: What’s next? What sorts of projects do you have under your belt?

A: Oh, too many things… I’ve always got more ideas than time. I’m working on a few short comic stories for some anthologies. My next graphic novel is already written, but I don’t know when I’ll start drawing it.  I’m working on some paintings and other art projects… and what everyone really wants to hear—yes, we are working on more Henry and Glenn stuff.  

Order Tom Neely’s The Wolf here.

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