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Featured Awesome Product of the Week! Edible Secrets: A Food Tour of Classified US History

What do top-secret CIA assassination plots, Black Panther arrests, and Reaganomics have in common? Food, of course! Michael Hoerger and Mia Partlow collect, contextualize, and graphically narrate declassified government documents with food as a theme! Over 500,000 declassified memos, debriefings and transcripts were combed to uncover some of the most important and iconic people and narratives from US history. Providing a voyeuristic insight into the US government, these documents are like reality TV for politicos and foodies: Assassinations by milkshake, subliminal popcorn cravings, Reagan’s love of hydroponics, and what could be Fred Hampton’s most radical action—giving ice cream to small children. Illustrated throughout by Nate Powell. Check out Edible Secrets here.

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Featured Awesome Product of the Week! Nate Powell’s Any Empire! (Includes Photo Gallery!)

Nate Powell’s beautiful graphic novel follow-up to the Eisner award-winning Swallow Me Whole examines war and violence, and their trickle-down effects on middle America. As a gang of small-town kids find themselves reunited in adulthood, their dark histories collide in a struggle for the future. Any Empire‘s 350 illustrated pages follow three kids in a Southern town as a rash of mysterious turtle mutilations forces each to confront their relationship to their privileged suburban fantasies of violence. Then, after years apart, the three are thrown together again as adults, amid questions of choice and force, belonging and betrayal. Note: Like Swallow Me Whole, this book has an amazing-looking woven-cloth-style hardcover that feels like an old library book. Definitely something you’ll want to keep forever and read often. So awesome.

Get a copy of Any Empire here.

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We got even more 2012 Slingshot colors in!

Hey pals!

Slingshot just sent us a bunch more colors for the large Slingshot planner! Order Slingshots here and see some photos of MicrocosmKansas’s own Danielle holding ’em below!


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Featured Awesome Product of the Week! The $20 Feminist Superpack!

Do you sometimes feel angry, powerless, or in need of a pick-me-up? Want to connect to a range of movements seeking to define, establish, and defend rights for women? Whether you want gender theory, battles for equality, campaign against violence, harassment, and assault, the social construct of gender, the real experiences of women, and the battles for reproductive rights, this is a good place to start or continue. The first-person voice of zines can empower you or just brighten your day!

This pack generally includes: Dog Dayz, Emergency, Figure 8, Hatch Mister Sister, I Choose My Choice, It’s Not Just Boys Fun, The La La Theory, Miranda, Tear Valve, Thoughts About Community Support, and five Bad Habits postcards.

If we’re out of something, we’ll substitute from these: Ask First, Learning Good Consent, Green Zine #14, Hot Pants, Take Back Your Life, Support, Taking the Lane, and Womanifesto for the Catagorical New Freedom Lady!

Order that here.

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