Announcing the “Name the Microcosm Kitten” Contest Winners!

Our sincere thanks to Denise from Argentina for her awesome name suggestion! Henceforth our little kitty friend will be “Salvadora” after Salvadora Onrubia, who was an Argentinian anarcho-feminist and poet. (Her nickname will be “Salvie” since it’ll be easier for the little munchkins on the farm to say!)

We’ve also decided to award Britty from Michigan with a “People’s Choice Award” for “Inky” since it got so many “likes” on Facebook. The runner-ups were “Assata,” “Nixon” (which we’re going to save for the next rescue goat we take in!) “Sharpie,” “Lunchbox,” and “Pixel.” Other notable mentions: “Katniss” (of “Hunger Games” fame) and “Kimberly” (after the pink Power Ranger!).

Salvadora is doing well and seems to be adjusting to her new home. For some reason sheep are totally fascinated by cats – kittens especially – so she is getting lots of love from us and her new adoptive sheep dads. She’s also mega into climbing hay bales! Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. This was really fun for us so we’ll probably hit you guys up for names again next time we take in another critter! <3 Jessie, Salvadora, and the Microcosm Gang!

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