“Action!” is Awesome!

 –Action! by Bill Brown–


I wish every book was like this. I opened this book when it first came in, here at Microcosm, and started skimming through the first page to check it out. Before I knew it I had read the whole thing! The delightful fluency of the text and the cute illustrations just kept me enthralled.


Now I know things about making movies that I never thought I would. I always thought it would take some sort of classes and textbooks to learn about the different kinds of “old-school” film, all the types of lenses and what they’re used for, the different ways of lighting a scene, or ways of exposing video.


Though I still have much more to learn, I now have a general understanding of these things. Learning about “film grains” and “depth of field” got me thinking about things I enjoy in movies that I’d never really thought about before.


I’ve recently been given the opportunity to score a documentary and it has started opening my eyes to the movie making world, but I never considered making my own movies. I’m a musician that enjoys all things audio, but this book forces me to consider taking up this art-form as well. After all, anyone can make movies with this book.


I especially enjoyed the audio section. Despite knowing most of the stuff in that particular section, It was a really great refresher. Even movie making professionals should read this to get their feet back on the ground and get them in touch with why they might have wanted to make movies in the first place.


Bill Brown certainly has a way of making even the most complicated matters seam feasible. There’s something about this book that tugs at me to try new things. You can feel his enthusiasm jump out of the pages. This book is great for anyone of almost any age.


It will be on my bookshelf for the foreseeable future, awaiting any day I might need a refresher on the numerous subjects this book covers. Thanks Bill!



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