Announcing the Make Your Own Superpack Contest!

a cute dog covered in zinesSo. We’ve heard that you like books.

And we suspect that you like deals.

Maybe you’ve already been browsing our growing collection of book deals in the form of our superpacks—combinations of books that we think go together like chocolate and peanut butter and that we are excited to ship to you for a pretty decent discount.

But perhaps in browsing through our superpack selection, you haven’t found exactly the combination that you’ve been looking for. Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming about a bunch of our books you want to order… but you’re feeling a little squeamish about dropping all that cash. Maybe you’ve read some of our books and thought a lot about the connections between them. Or maybe, like us, you just love playing with books and doing math. 

Well, we’ve got an invitation for you: Create your dream Superpack! 

Here’s how to participate: 

1. Browse the heck out of our site. Keep in mind that while we distribute a ton of books and zines, we can only put Microcosm-published titles into superpacks. They can also include stickers and patches

2. Dream up some superpack ideas! Here’s how the math works: For a $20 superpack, the total retail value of its contents should be $25-40. For a $25 superpack, the total retail value should be $30-50. (We can do bigger or smaller superpacks, but usually don’t. Don’t worry too much about choosing the exact superpack price, we’re good at that…but this is good to keep in mind.) When in doubt, look through our existing superpacks to see how they’re put together.

3. Submit your idea(s)! Send an email to elly at microcosmpublishing dot com with the following:

– Clever title for your superpack

– One or two sentences about why your superpack rules and who it is for.

– A list of the items you propose to be included 

If we choose your superpack to offer on our site, we’ll send it to you, for free! (Or a different superpack of your choice!) 

The deadline is September 30th.  

Have fun!