Call for Ideas: What Should Microcosm Make Next?

Dear readers,

Yup, that’s you, reading this now.

If you’re at all familiar with Microcosm, you probably know that we do a whole lot more than just publish books.

We make t-shirts. Patches. Stickers. Buttons. Other stuff sometimes comes down the pipeline like fanny packs or sweatshirts. It’s all made in the US and we try to support companies that are in it for reasons of the heart rather than the wallet. 

A large amount of this stuff is bicycle-related because that’s how we roll. But a lot of it is about other stuff, like vegan, punk music, feminism, politics, health, community justice, and generally poking holes in and kicking down the walls. 

The point is that a lot of the ideas for these things come from readers like you. Sometimes someone emails us and says “Can you make a a version of your Evolution design but with a unicycle?” And we do.

Or sometimes people send in original artwork for us to put on stuff. And we do that too: 

You too can submit a finished design (if we used it, you’d still own it, and we’d pay you royalties). Or just tell us the idea that you had that you wish someone would make. We’ll make it if it works for us and send it to you, too!

We made a google thing for you (it’s below) to tell us about your idea (or you can always just email us too).

Thank you!