Daily Cosmonaut #6: Are you our role model?

Daily cosmonaut


For the last two years Microcosm has been on a quest. We need someone to look up to. We turn 20 years old on Feb 12 and while we are doing fine and even growing, we have been looking for a role model.

Microcosm has been completely independent without any silent partners or financial support for its entire existence. Most publishers of our age have long ago been sold to a larger company or gone out of business. In fact we’ve had a very hard time finding any companies that are: independent, not publicly traded, larger than us, and doing things that are actually interesting and challenging to the culture around them. Patagonia seems to be our current only example. Each time we investigate a likely candidate, we discover that they are actually owned by Coca-Cola or are actually deceptively small or that they are operated on someone’s family money and do not need to be financially solvent like we do.


We want a business role model so we can have someone to look towards when we are making difficult decisions or are out of our element. We are looking for someone larger and more successful than us to pose the difficult questions to that most people wouldn’t be able to understand or see coming. We want to continue to grow, stay independent, and be the best Microcosm that we can be. But so far it’s hard to find the right role model. Are you our business role model?