Promote Your Book Workbook: Spread the Word, Find Your Readers, and Build a Literary Community

When you write a book, your work doesn’t end on publication day. In fact, a key part of your job as an author is to get your book into the hands of readers . . . and that means you need to promote it. But how to do that?

In this interactive standalone companion to Promote Your Book, you’ll find tips, exercises, and templates to get you started. From building your literary network to identifying your audience to planning social media posts and book tours, this workbook empowers you to create an individualized plan centered on authenticity and community. Regardless of your publishing pathway (traditional, self, or hybrid) and the kind of book you’ve written, you’ll find the tools to make the process of promoting your book approachable, fruitful, and, most importantly, fun.

Eleanor C. Whitney, who is also the author of Quit Your Day Job Workbook, draws on a wealth of firsthand experience promoting her own books, as well as her expertise in teaching artists to be business savvy.