Unfuck Your Shame: Using Science to Accept Our Feelings, Resolve Guilt, and Connect with Ourselves

Shame and guilt are perhaps the most difficult emotions humans experience. They tell us we are fundamentally broken, wrong, and unsalvageable—and then we operate in the world from that self-concept. Dr. Faith G. Harper, bestselling author of Unfuck Your Brain and Unfuck Your Stress, writes that these emotions often result from our sense of “not-enough-ness” and the overwhelming feeling that we need to hide parts of ourselves in order to be loved and accepted. But we don’t need to keep going through life feeling guilty, ashamed, and disconnected from ourselves. With compassion, humor, brain science, and swearing, she guides us through the difficult shadow work of finding and reconnecting with these hidden parts and learning to accept our whole selves to regain our sense of vitality and completeness. Because we each deserve the experience of being a fully alive human.