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That Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means: The 150 Most Commonly Misused Words and Their Tangled Histories

by Ross Petras Author and Kathryn Petras Author

An entertaining dictionary that clears up our confusion about the English language's most misused and misunderstood words. Each word or pairing, like the much misused ironic or the easily mixed-up complementary/complimentary, comes with a real-life quotation of wrong usage (usually in a newspaper, magazine, or blog, but sometimes in quotations by public figures), and some good-natured commentary on correct origins and meanings, replete with fun facts, plus dictionary definitions of each word so it'll be burned on your brain next time it comes up. A helpful reference, but mostly just a fun read.

(This book may contain a small mark on the bottom edge; in the publishing industry this means that it cannot be returned to another wholesaler.)