a white boot print over a moss-green background

Surviving the Great Outdoors: Everything You Need to Know Before Heading into the Wild (and How to Get Back in One Piece)

by Brendan Leonard Author

Want to know how to make cowboy coffee, what to do if you see a bear while hiking, how to clean a bivy sack, the difference between 2- and 4-wheel drive, or whether or not you should climb Mt Kilimanjaro? This reference book answers all these questions, plus many more—perfect for the city slicker who's considering getting their feet wet in a stream but might just prefer to read about it. Bound in sturdy plastic in case you need to whip it out while standing in that stream to refresh yourself on proper bear etiquette. If you ever felt like your questions about outdoor activities from mountain biking to camping to rock climbing to kayaking were embarrassingly basic, here's your nonjudgmental resource.