Ganja bruja number one On Being A CannaBabe by the manic pixie stoner babe cyn marts

Ganja Bruja #1

by Cynthia Marts

Being a CannaBabe

There's more to the high life than good kush.

Get educated and get inspired to live your best smoker life with this zine about cannabis life, science, and suggestions.


Weed 101! -- a simple introduction to types of cannabis and what makes it work, from cannabinoids to terpenes to the "entourage effect."

"Why I Smoke Weed" -- explorations of the question so many non-tokers ask -- why? -- with honesty and no judgement.

Notes on Race, Stigma, and why the term "marijuana" should probably be avoided (hint: it's racist)

Tips and Tricks -- from how to make a pipe out of a strawberry to the easiest cannabutter recipe around, and a bit more.