An illustration of two palm trees blowing in the wind on an island.

The Little Book of Resilience: Embracing Life's Challenges in Simple Steps

Life isn’t always a walk in the park. Most days, we encounter obstacles along the path—things that irritate us, bring us down, and keep us complacent. Sometimes, our adversities can be so total and life-changing that it may seem impossible to overcome them. In this pocket-sized toolkit, best-selling author Cheryl Rickman teaches us how to embrace change while maintaining faith in ourselves through a series of self-nurturing exercises and techniques that help us respond, recover and rise above. For whatever you’re facing, The Little Book of Resilience contains warm and practical guidance to help you find meaning and strength from the most difficult of experiences. 

(This book may contain a small, black sharpie mark on the bottom edge, so that it can't be returned to a different wholesaler.)