a selection of foraged items such as edible mushrooms and asparagus tips.

The Worldwide Forager

by Roger Phillips Author

Legendary godfather of foraging Roger Phillips here presents a new approach, drawing upon his unrivaled knowledge of wild foods and decades of experience. In this richly illustrated book, Roger reveals the edible and therapeutic secrets of our fields, woodlands and flower beds, and suggests tips for sourcing delicious morsels growing throughout the countryside and in our gardens. He also describes the native habitat and history of many fascinating plants and fungi, both common and unusual: from the camas bulbs eaten by the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest, to the Italian and Spanish favorite, Caesar’s amanita; from hostas, the familiar garden foliage consumed as a succulent vegetable in Japan; to the newly popular Australian citrus fruits. Roger uses each of the book's four sections to provide a wide range of ideas for making your meals more colourful, delicious and sustainable. (Short Discount)