an illustration of giant kraken tentacles grabbing the earth with lightning bolts striking

I Want a Better Catastrophe: Navigating the Climate Crisis with Grief, Hope, and Gallows Humor

by Andrew Boyd Author

In this timely guide to navigating the climate crisis, author Andrew Boyd shares his own crisis of hope with the reader and takes them along on his journey to reclaim a sense of agency. Speaking to renowned thinkers in a variety of fields pertaining to the climate crisis, Boyd seeks out a way to move forward even in the face of catastrophic warming and its increasingly dire consequences. From collapse psychologist Jamey Hecht, to Indigenous botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer, to activists and organizers like Tim DeChristopher and adrienne maree brown, I Want a Better Catastrophe offers the reader hope and tackles dilemmas related to childbearing (is it ethical to bring kids into such a world?), hopelessness (is despair a form of privilege?), and concrete strategies for achieving sustainability (how effective is recycling, really?). A vitally important book for an era in which the most needed change seems hopelessly slow.