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Nonmonogamy and Neurodiversity: A More Than Two Essentials Guide

by Alyssa Gonzalez Author

Nonmonogamy and Neurodiversity explores the intersection of neurodiversity and nonmonogamy, arguing that neurodivergent people are uniquely suited to nonmonogamy, and that nonmonogamy can be a powerful tool for neurodivergent people to build healthy and fulfilling relationships. Neurodivergent people face specific challenges in traditional monogamous relationships, often differing in communication styles, needs, and desires from neurotypical people. This can make it difficult for neurodivergent people to find partners who are willing to meet their needs. Nonmonogamy has many benefits for neurodivergent people, including the freedom to express their full selves, to connect with a wider range of people, and to find partners who are better suited to their needs. Not that nonmonogamy is just for neurodivergent people, for it can be the key to healthy and fulfilling relationships for everyone.