a map of a city with the title text weaving through it in purple and the streets outlined in purple

The Commonist Horizon: Futures Beyond Capitalist Urbanization

by Mary N. Taylor Editor and Noah Brehmer Editor

In this timely and inventive collection of essays, editors Mary N. Taylor and Noah Brehmer bring together writings from activists and collectives around the world who are working on reclaiming public spaces and commons in urban areas. Beginning in the city of Vilnius, in post-Soviet Lithuania, the writers compiled here touch on the opportunities for reclaiming public space for egalitarian purposes in other former Soviet-Block states and in urban areas all over the globe. In contrast to the way that capitalism tends to structure public space, either by privatizing and eliminating it altogether or by commodifying and monetizing access to that space, The Commonist Horizon advocates an approach to using urban commons that does the most good for the most people. A fascinating read and an urgent call for public space that actually serves the public, urban planners, housing activists, and anti-capitalists of all stripes will appreciate the lessons this book has to offer.

Comments & Reviews

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