Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

by Scott McCloud

a step-by-step comic guide to comic style

Originally published in 1993, Scott McCloud's tome on the language and art of the sequential narrative has become legendary in the years that have passed.  There have been many books about comics history published previous to this, and many since, but none have looked at the way comics work quite as intimately as Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics.  Scott explores the unique language of comics, and how they developed from cave paintings and hieroglyphics into what we see today.  What makes a comic a comic?  Why do people relate more to a simplified cartoon than a realistic depiction of a human?  What happens between the comic panels?  How is the passage of time depicted in comics?  How do comics express feeling?  These questions and many more are answered in this comprehensive volume, which is, of course, written and illustrated completely in comic form.  Not only is this an essential read for any comic artist or enthusiast, but it'll be a lot of fun (and very informative!) for anyone who wants to learn more about this oft-ignored medium.