Red cover with a witch and some potions and stuff.

The Teen Witches' Guide To Spells & Charms

by Claire Philip Author and Luna Valentine Illustrator

Casting spells and creating charms is not easy, but everyone has to get started somewhere. The Teen Witches' Guide To Spells & Charms is a must-have guide for every girl who's ready to begin channeling magic. Young witches can discover the wonderful world of spells and charms. With explanations on how to best weave spells as well as all the info on magical tools and techniques this tome provides the ultimate introduction for spells and charms alike.

Comments & Reviews


This zine is awesome! The paint it black interview and the top 100 albums were my favorite parts, but the articles were great and informative reads. The long format is a bit hard to deal with, but overall I can appreciate the thought and how cleanly put together the whole thing is. 2 thumbs up!