A book cover with Ben Snakepit standing behind a counter at a comic book store

Snake Pit: 2007

by Ben Snakepit Author

Follow Ben through his daily life illustrated as 3 comic panel adventures involving beer, weed, work, shows, tour, love, and parties filled with monsters. His drawing and writing style is sincere and heartfelt and you can imagine and feel his highs and lows. Each day is illustrated along with what he was listening to while drawing the frame. The quarterly and bi-monthly formats are no more, and now each year will be collected in a single slim paperback, just like in the beginning.

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Comments & Reviews


"This is a delightful book!"



"Snake Pit doesn’t subscribe to a highlight reel-style execution like many of its contemporaries. The artist’s strip, like his life—like all of our lives—is comprised of a million throwaway moments. Try as we might change our ways, or merely simply forget about them, when taken together, they reveal the true nature of our existence."


"Ben imbues his quick tales with honesty, modesty and an animation style reminiscent of Mitch Clem's -- so if you're an internet punk nerd, this should be comfortable territory."


"This is probably the only "And then I..." autobiocomic that I find worth a damn ..."

Ben's comic is the visual embodiment of what I really enjoy about DIY punk. On the surface, and to the casual observer, it may not look like much. But there are the watershed days, like with Lance Hahn's death and Ben choking up, unable to say much at Lance's wake, but feeling both a deep sense of loss and compassion for a great dude's passing. It shows that, yeah, music's important to Ben, but it's driven by the people behind it all, what beats in their hearts, and not what's on their t-shirts.