Cover of As You Were: a punk comix anthology: Vol. 5: This Job Sucks! by Mitch Clem and Janelle Hessig [A literal fatcat in a clear abuse of his power rests his feet on one punk and refuses the fish he himself ordered not 5 minutes ago]

As You Were #5: A Punk Comix Anthology: This Job Sucks!

by Mitch Clem and Janelle Hessig

This new volume of the punk comics anthology, focusing on shitty jobs, features work by Julia Wertz, Lee Baillie, Max Clotfelter, and many more.

AS YOU WERE is the critically acclaimed anthology series at the intersection of indie comics and punk rock. Artists from punk scenes all over the world join forces to present a collection of brand new short stories revolving around the shared theme of "THIS JOB SUCKS!" 

From telemarketing to stocking shelves at the grocery store, from bike messengers to baristas, no one knows the world of service industry hell like punks.