As You Were #4: A Punk Comix Anthology

As You Were #4: Living Situations

by Mitch Clem Editor, Avi Ehrlich Editor, Ben Snakepit Contributor, Ben Passmore Contributor, Liz Prince Contributor, Sarah Graley Contributor and Rachel Dukes Contributor

A punk comix anthology on that enduring structure: the punk house. Ben Passmore delivers common experiences as a sort of Greek myth, featuring a disgusting, neglected dish sponge. Brad Dwyer compares his more conventional family living situation with his days of living in gross quarters—still with their own kind of normalcy. Evan Wolff recalls being the subject of at TV show about busting house parties, only to get fined for having a show in his living room. Ben Snakepit illustrates himself as the roommate from hell, and Nomi Kane finds herself living with a misogynist hippie who doesn't want to see a box of tampons. Incredibly charming and an illustration of the unique bonds of the punk house, with both horns and haloes.