museum of mistakes fart party collection by julia wertz

Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection

by Julia Wertz Author

In 2004, Julia Wertz began a series of funny, irreverent autobiographical comics she called “The Fart Party.” After posting these comics online to both acclaim and controversy, she eventually started collecting them as self-published minis, which found their way to Atomic Books in Baltimore. Atomic Books thought they ought to be collected into a proper compilation, so as to garner Julia more laughs and hate mail.

As these things go, the first volume was so successful that there was a second one. Both are now out of print, but Museum of Mistakes collects them into one book, plus numerous pages of Julia’s early comic work, unpublished and/or previously uncollected comics, short stories, illustrations, process pages, hate mail, sketchbook pages, tear stains and more. Enjoy!