A blue book with blue text covering the cover as well as a blue drawing of a decked-out bike

Dwelling Portably: 2000-2008

by Bert Davis Author

“Practical advice about low-budget motion by choice -- camping on the edges, living simply, getting by on the road and loving it. It's for modern nomads in the US choosing alternative lifestyles to working 9-5 in the same place. You get hard-won need-to-know wisdom like: How to live in cars. How to buy staples for 25 cents per pound. Can you camp in U-Hauls? Where can you find a cheap dentist? The dangers of social services taking kids without a house. Fixing a free bike for long-haul travel. etc.” - Cool Tools

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Comments & Reviews


"I recommend them highly to anyone interested in alternative living or bare bones camping."


"Great bang-for-the-buck reading, with lots of other input from people living the portable/hobo lifestyle. Some cool lodging ideas too."


"Appropriate for the long-term camper, this series of zines and books put out by Microcosm Publishing provides hours of entertainment and indispensable advice from people who live in the woods, on sailboats, and in their vehicles."


"Practical advice about being homeless or low-budget in-motion by choice -- camping on the edges, living simply, getting by on the road and loving it."


“Great for anyone who wants to go outside!”


"More great DIY dosage courtesy of Microcosm Publishing, who’ve helped compile a whopping thirty years worth of hand-typed, hard-won knowledge of life on the road originally published as Message Post. How to hop a freight train, how to build a solar cooker, how to keep mobile chickens, and how to build a yurt are some of the back-to-basics, practical tips you’ll find here, shared by the Davises as well as by their loyal readers (and fellow portable dwellers). Forget the cupboard of canned soup and those survivalist scare pamphlets—when the big upheaval hits, Dwelling Portably is the resource you’ll want to have by your side. "

One of the finest publications we have ever come across. This is a guide by homeless folks for homeless folks. Holly and Bert Davis have been putting this collection of tips and anecdotes out for decades. Content ranges from cooking and bathing out of your car, to edible weeds, to improvised bicycle panniers, to musings on 12 volt microfiche readers and the practicalities of nudism.

Lots and lots about things such as where in the wilds to put your poop in any given season, using a venom extractor to remove a tick, and how to recycle damaged plastic buckets with new uses. Also, if you’re into camping (I mean into REAL camping, not living off of Ding Dongs stowed in the trunk) I’m sure that this would be a great mag.