A pink zine covered in pink text

Dwelling Portably 2008-2012

by Bert Davis Author and Holly Davis Author

Couldn't get enough from the 500 pages in 1980-2008? Here's an update! As usual, Dwelling Portably crams in way too much information to easily sum up—from practical advice about being homeless or low-budget in-motion by choice—camping on the edges, living simply, getting by on the road and loving it. Decades of collective experience have gone into creating this zine, so you know it is full of useful and tested information. This fifth collection contains Dwelling Portably (April 2010), Ab #9 (December 2009), and Ab #10 (May 2010).


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Comments & Reviews


DP & Ab has some of the best info on how to live on the fringes of our society


Dwelling Portably is a bit of a turducken of sorts: it’s a zine, stuffed within a zine, stuffed within a zine with reprints of other, similar publications reprinted within its pages. That makes for a jam-packed, endlessly informative guide for people who choose to live on the fringes of society. It also makes for some fascinating reading for city folks like myself who enjoy the escapism of thinking about this type of nomadic lifestyle. The text starts about an inch down from the top of the front cover and doesn’t stop until about an inch up from the bottom of the back cover. In between you’ll find foraging techniques, tips on gardening, shelter building, best natural remedies, best camping sites and all manner of information on how to live sustainably and completely off the grid.