a beam of red light issuing from the 8 in 1984 morphs into a road with a dejected looking person standing on it against a dystopian cityscape background

1984: The Graphic Novel

by George Orwell Author and Fido Nesti Illustrator

In this stunning adaptation of George Orwell's famous novel, illustrator Fido Nesti brings Winston Smith's grim existence into sharp focus. As Winston attempts to struggle against the machinations of Big Brother and the Thought Police - that omnipresent authority with the ability to detect crime even inside one's own mind - Nesti's illustrations show us Orwell's dystopia in vivid images. Drawn primarily in shades of grey and red, this adaptation portrays the violence and sinister control of this imagined future, and calls on us to reflect on that same violence in our present. 1984 never seems to lose its relevance, and the illustrations make the story all the more engaging (and disturbing).