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Fuck Flying: 101 Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel

by The F Team Author

Change how YOU travel to help save the planet

As we come out of lockdown, many of us are thinking about getting out of the house and going on vacation, but it's never been more important to think about how we get from Point A to Point B. So, why do we need to act now? Aviation alone accounts for at least 2% of global carbon emissions and an economy-class return flight from London to NYC emits the equivalent CO2 of 11% of the average annual emissions of someone in the UK.

Packed with 101 tips and tricks to reducing your carbon footprint when you're on the go, this practical little book shows that everybody can do something to protect our environment by changing a few bad habits we've acquired over the years. From how you travel to work, head to the shops, go on holiday (fly or not fly?), and more. Learn what it means to be a eco-conscious traveler, as well as a green tourist. We can all make a change!