an illustration of a jug with flowers illustrated on the front and a blue butterfly perched on the side

Wild Drinks: The New Old World of Small-Batch Brews, Ferments and Infusions

by Sharon Flynn Author

This comprehensive guide to fermentation, infusing, and brewing from author Sharon Flynn introduces the layperson to all the techniques they need to start mixing up some truly impressive concoctions. From kombucha, to mead, cider, kvass, sake, water kefir, and many more, Flynn shares more than 60 recipes with the reader over the course of six chapters. With focuses on wild fermentation, grain-based brewing, wild cider and wine, probiotic and cultured drinks, flavor infusion, and cooking with fermentation byproducts, Wild Drinks will keep you well-supplied in all manner of beverages and delicious food to accompany your creations. A creative and innovative approach to fermentation and brewing.